Jacob and Michael Collins


Michael Collins is a multi-award winning columnist writing for his hometown paper, The Mountain Press, since 2013.

He resides in his “beloved” Kodak community of Sevier County, TN with his wife, three lovely daughters, and a delightful son with autism for whom he also serves as faithful sidekick in heroic adventures, fellow Monster Truck connoisseur, eBay shopping facilitator, RC monster truck mechanic, Lego Dimensions tech support, editor and publisher (see Jacob’s blog entries here), best buddy and advocate.  Together, he and Jacob were awarded second place for the best blog of 2017 by the East Tennessee Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists.

In addition to writing, Michael is a Certified Public Accountant and utilizes his skills to further his passion for non-profit organizations.  He serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Sertoma Center in Knoxville providing services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, in addition to having served on the Board of Directors of the East Tennessee Chapter of the Autism Society of America from 2003 to 2005 and again from 2014 to 2017 as the Treasurer.  Michael also provides accounting and consulting services for other non-profit organizations in east Tennessee and was recently appointed by Governor Haslam to serve a three year term representing East Tennessee on the newly Formed Tennessee Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

He is a graduate of the Haslam College of Business at The University of Tennessee and was a five-year member of the faculty of The Becker CPA Review until 2012 back when “classes were still taught live.”

Contrary to occasional accusations, this Michael Collins did not pilot the Apollo 11 command module and was not involved in the struggle for Irish independence but is willing to allow Liam Neeson to portray him if Hollywood should become convinced a rags-to-mediocrity story of a redneck from Sevier County could become a block buster.



Jacob Collins is an awesome Special Olympian that began documenting in 2017 his adventures with Sonic the hedgehog, Amy Rose, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Spider Man, and many, many more friends.  He writes for his personal pleasure and it just works out that many others take pleasure in it as well.  If you enjoy his stories, leave him a comment.  He will enjoy hearing from you.


Together, Michael and Jacob have been recognized by the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists and were awarded second place in the 2017 category of Best Blog of East Tennessee.


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