Super Jacob and His Friends – the Comic Book!

It is with great excitement that I announce the world wide release of  Issue # 1 of our new comic book series, Super Jacob and His Friends!

Through Jacob’s imaginations, Super Jacob has traveled the world battling Evil Super-Villains while saving various damsels in distress from certain doom.  Inspired by the live action play Jacob wrote and performed in, now Super Jacob’s numerous battles with evil can be seen in the pages of a comic book.  This issue features Super Jacob Saving a Rose from the Evil Super Villain, Sinister Thorn!

Super Jacob and his friends: Issue # 1 – Super Jacob Saves a Rose!

Super Jacob Saves a Rose #1

01 - Outside Front Cover
Written by: Michael L Collins
Edited by: Michael L Collins
Written by: Jacob Collins
Art by: Cristian Sierra
Price: $0.99In this episode, Super Jacob battles an evil Super Villain!

Buy now on comiXology!


Don’t miss the play that started it all: Super Jacob Saves a Rose!



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