Super Jacob and His Friends – the Comic Book!

It is with great excitement that I announce the world wide release of  Issue # 1 of our new comic book series, Super Jacob and His Friends! Through Jacob's imaginations, Super Jacob has traveled the world battling Evil Super-Villains while saving various damsels in distress from certain doom.  Inspired by the live action play Jacob … Continue reading Super Jacob and His Friends – the Comic Book!


Remembering the barber shop, talks with Mr. Ramsey

I recall distinctly the very first time I visited Ramsey’s Barber shop in downtown Sevierville. Newly moved to Sevier County, I was soon to be a freshman at Sevier County High School, and with classes just a few days away, Pop dragged me downtown to get my hair cut at one of the many options … Continue reading Remembering the barber shop, talks with Mr. Ramsey

Kmart – Gone but not forgotten

I experienced a first yesterday.  I had to park in the back of the parking lot in order to get into our local Kmart. Although I am not a what I would call a regular shopper, Kmart has been my retail store of choice over some of the other alternatives in the area.  It’s easy … Continue reading Kmart – Gone but not forgotten

Getting old stinks, but it beats the alternative.

Since hitting double digits, I have rarely been extremely excited about celebrating my own birthday. The fact that my 48th just passed did not help improve that outlook, pushing my reflections into the realm of confronting my rapid approach to 50 years of age. I mean 50!  That is a half a century.  I’m just … Continue reading Getting old stinks, but it beats the alternative.

Learning 21st century grandparenting techniques

I may not be smarter than a 5th grader, but I can darned sure pull one over on a 10-month-old. To my immense displeasure, it seems my grandson keeps helping himself to my prized remote controls, one for the television and a second one for Amazon fire TV.  He much prefers the Amazon Fire remote’s … Continue reading Learning 21st century grandparenting techniques

The curious case of the abandoned cooler

I may have robbed a homeless person.  It isn’t quite as bad as that sounds, but I feel horrible about it nonetheless. You see, I work in an area of Knoxville where it is not uncommon for us to encounter homeless persons.  As a non-profit organization, we go where the property values give us the … Continue reading The curious case of the abandoned cooler

Success and who it costs

I love a good success story. I have been reading about a businessman recently.  I’ll call him Mark. Mark is a hard worker.  He started his business in 2006 with one store and today has over a thousand stores in 21 states. His bio indicates that he is a family man, a triathlete, hunts for … Continue reading Success and who it costs

Something’s Shady in Kodak…

Those of us Sevier Countians who live on “the other side of the river” know all too well the plight we share, a menacing presence reminiscent of the Star Wars evil empire.  A heartless, uncaring force mercilessly imposing its will on the innocent citizens of our beloved Kodak. For starters, zoned in a separate State … Continue reading Something’s Shady in Kodak…

Shop Class Helped me earn my mettle*

In the high school of the ‘80s, masters of the quick and deadly retort reigned supreme, and I liked to fancy I held my own with the sharpest wits among them.  It just took one class working with tools and sharp objects, however, for me to learn that I was not the sharpest tool in … Continue reading Shop Class Helped me earn my mettle*