We did it!  We hiked to the top of Mount LeConte.  More importantly, we made it back down.  Rather than spend a lot of time writing about an experience that cannot be described in words, I have created a video blog in four chapters.  Here they are:

Chapter 1 – Alum Cave Bluff

This is our hike halfway up to LeConte reaching the Alum Cave Bluff.  It is 22 minutes long so if you want the high points, skip to the following times:

2:50 Arch Rock

9:30 The approach up to Inspiration Point

15:40 Arriving at Alum Cave Bluff

Chapter 2 – Beyond the bluff

This is the first time we had hiked beyond the bluff.  There is a lot of beautiful scenery and a couple of pretty spooky parts as far as heights go.  The length is 30:38.  Times of note are:

00:00 The coolest intro ever…

13:12 The Scary Parts begin

17:48 Walking above the clouds

18:24 Another scary part

23:06 On top of the mountain

26:02 Advice from a grizzled veteran and the walk into the LeConte Lodge.

Chapter 3 – Hope for a sunset

The clouds had set in pretty good when we arrived at the Lodge.  Our hopes for a sunset were looking pretty slim.

It’s just over 6 minutes and worth watching in it’s entirety, in my opinion.

Chapter 4 – Down the boulevard (coming soon)


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