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January 13, 2017

Forward: By Michael L. Collins

It is no secret my 17 year old son, Jacob, has Autism.  It is also no secret that he does not like to write.  He avoids it like the plague at school and a report is an endeavor that challenges the wits of my wife and me to the extreme as we attempt to drag something out of him worthy of presentation to his teachers.

So, it was no small surprise to me when I walked into his room last week and found an open spiral notebook lying on his bed that he had clearly been writing in for some time.  I was completely shocked, then amazed, then touched and finally amused.  It was pretty darn funny and by golly, I was a pretty proud papa as I chuckled at his self described adventures.

He had three solid pages that I discovered and I carried on about how proud I was of his writing.  He was quite content with himself as well once he recognized my joy over the discovery.  I couldn’t resist scanning them in to share on this blog.

So, I present my proudest blog post yet, “Super Jacob with my friends.”

UPDATE!  After explaining to Jacob that I intended to post his writing here, then explaining what a blog was and that other people would actually read it, he was so excited he immediately left and returned to me with four more pages of two more stories that he had tucked away somewhere I didn’t see.  So, stay tuned for more adventures of Jacob and his friends.

UPDATE!  So Jacob is quickly becoming a prolific writer, bringing me pages he has penned almost daily, anxiously waiting for me to post them online for his fans to read. Just to keep things simple, I will post everything on this page for his fans to follow the seemingly never ending saga of… Super Jacob and his friends!  Since he is writing by hand and to conserve space, I have provided links for each episode to a .pdf file you can view in your browser.

UPDATE! 5/27/18 – I am so pleased to announce that Jacob and I share the honor of having been awarded 2nd place for the Best Blog in East Tennessee by the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists.  Jacob is even more excited and has doubled his output of daily episodes.  I will never catch up…

Thank you for reading.  Jacob is thrilled!