For me, growing up in the country meant there was always a memory being created. Today, when I look at our yellow lab/hound dog mix, I am reminded of the three dogs that adopted us when I was a teenager.  Each of these “mutts” had been dumped on our property by some heartless individual.  As … Continue reading Memories*


College memories*

Last Friday was Friday the 13th. It was also grade card day for my kids. Given those two facts, it was almost guaranteed that somebody would end up grounded before it was over. I would have put money on it, in fact. But fortune shone upon them, and they each brought home improved or consistent … Continue reading College memories*

Camp Koinonia*

What do you get when you give 200-plus college kids a week off and the keys to a 190-acre, multimillion-dollar summer camp facility? Your response might be something worthy of a sequel to Animal House, but let me share with you my experience as I witnessed just such an event firsthand this past week. The … Continue reading Camp Koinonia*

The scrub brush

Having a kid with Autism sure makes for some interesting birthdays. Jacob turned fourteen last week and, typical of his prior celebrations, he maintained a real concern that there may be some people we come in contact with, or just in the same general vicinity, which remain unaware of the occasion.  If they are not, … Continue reading The scrub brush

10,000 visitors!

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, this blog welcomed its 10,000th visitor. That is mind boggling to me. When I started this blog, it was simply a venue for me to share my newspaper columns with family and friends. Somehow, with your help, it has grown to become something far more than that. … Continue reading 10,000 visitors!

Paid to Play

Recently I had an opportunity to stop by a former employer and say hello to a few old friends.  One visit was particularly interesting as a friend shared some of the joys and wonders of his relationship with his fiancée. “She works all day playing video games.” I immediately offered my sympathy, suspecting it must … Continue reading Paid to Play

Dolly is a treasure

I remember like it was yesterday.  It was 1986 and by way of my membership in the Sevier County High School Band, I had been invited to play at the opening ceremonies of Dollywood. Lots of important people attended.  I vaguely remember them, trapped in the periphery of my vision as my gaze absorbed the … Continue reading Dolly is a treasure

How to avoid Road Rash

It is motorcycle season, friends.  Look twice before pulling out.  I always do. I love motorcyclists.  I still remember what first endeared motorcyclists to me.  It was not long after I got my driver’s license and started paying attention to what was actually going on around me instead of trying to find ways to torment … Continue reading How to avoid Road Rash

A tour of Olympic proportions

Life presented me with some unique opportunities recently. Two of my old college roommates and I visited a fourth roommate in Colorado Springs two weeks ago to celebrate his retirement from the Air Force.  My friend of 27 years has spent his career educating the Air Force Academy’s brightest young cadets on the physics of … Continue reading A tour of Olympic proportions

The Agnostic & the Atheist*

I am not a Democrat. No surprise there for those who know me. I am also not a Republican. Maybe a little surprise there. I have long defined myself as a conservative Independent when it comes to political ideology.  My thinking tends to be relatively closely aligned with my Republican friends, but I have a … Continue reading The Agnostic & the Atheist*