I try not to carry on about it too much, but some days it is starkly clear that I am, hands down, the most logical person in my family. This reality confronts me when I am in some heated debate with my wife or kids and I can so immediately see the most logical conclusion, … Continue reading Meatloaf


The stupidest person on earth*

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I got a door ding on my shiny, new truck.  My wife noticed it while getting in on her side last Saturday morning and delicately broke the news to me.  I walked over and, sure enough, if you bent over at the proper angle and the … Continue reading The stupidest person on earth*


For me, growing up in the country meant there was always a memory being created. Today, when I look at our yellow lab/hound dog mix, I am reminded of the three dogs that adopted us when I was a teenager.  Each of these “mutts” had been dumped on our property by some heartless individual.  As … Continue reading Memories*

College memories*

Last Friday was Friday the 13th. It was also grade card day for my kids. Given those two facts, it was almost guaranteed that somebody would end up grounded before it was over. I would have put money on it, in fact. But fortune shone upon them, and they each brought home improved or consistent … Continue reading College memories*

Camp Koinonia*

What do you get when you give 200-plus college kids a week off and the keys to a 190-acre, multimillion-dollar summer camp facility? Your response might be something worthy of a sequel to Animal House, but let me share with you my experience as I witnessed just such an event firsthand this past week. The … Continue reading Camp Koinonia*

The Anniversary*

Well, friends, it was bound to happen.  I completely forgot my anniversary. Now before you female readers get all up in arms and you male readers offer a sympathetic groan, I need to clarify that it is not quite as bad as you might think.  I’m not in the dog house or anything and as … Continue reading The Anniversary*

The scrub brush

Having a kid with Autism sure makes for some interesting birthdays. Jacob turned fourteen last week and, typical of his prior celebrations, he maintained a real concern that there may be some people we come in contact with, or just in the same general vicinity, which remain unaware of the occasion.  If they are not, … Continue reading The scrub brush