The scrub brush

Having a kid with Autism sure makes for some interesting birthdays. Jacob turned fourteen last week and, typical of his prior celebrations, he maintained a real concern that there may be some people we come in contact with, or just in the same general vicinity, which remain unaware of the occasion.  If they are not, … Continue reading The scrub brush


10,000 visitors!

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, this blog welcomed its 10,000th visitor. That is mind boggling to me. When I started this blog, it was simply a venue for me to share my newspaper columns with family and friends. Somehow, with your help, it has grown to become something far more than that. … Continue reading 10,000 visitors!

A father and a son*

A couple years ago, my wife and children and I visited a large Knoxville church for a beloved nephew’s solo.  He sang wonderfully, and we all met him up front afterwards and congratulated him on his accomplishment. I slowly became aware of an unfamiliar woman hovering behind us and repeatedly making eye contact with me.  … Continue reading A father and a son*

We are the song of the mountains

The fire. Is there really anything else to write or even think about? Like many of you, I watched and listened with horror as the events unfolded. I felt relief when the rain came, sorrow as the reports poured in reflecting loss of life and property, and gratitude for our firefighters, emergency personnel, and so … Continue reading We are the song of the mountains

The best medicine*

A father enjoys giving gifts to his children.  That’s in the Bible, spoken by Jesus himself, so it’s not up for debate.  I certainly enjoy it and my folks were the same. That said, when I was a kid, we knew that to expect a new toy other than on Christmas or a birthday was … Continue reading The best medicine*

Paid to Play

Recently I had an opportunity to stop by a former employer and say hello to a few old friends.  One visit was particularly interesting as a friend shared some of the joys and wonders of his relationship with his fiancée. “She works all day playing video games.” I immediately offered my sympathy, suspecting it must … Continue reading Paid to Play

Dolly is a treasure

I remember like it was yesterday.  It was 1986 and by way of my membership in the Sevier County High School Band, I had been invited to play at the opening ceremonies of Dollywood. Lots of important people attended.  I vaguely remember them, trapped in the periphery of my vision as my gaze absorbed the … Continue reading Dolly is a treasure