How to avoid Road Rash

It is motorcycle season, friends.  Look twice before pulling out.  I always do. I love motorcyclists.  I still remember what first endeared motorcyclists to me.  It was not long after I got my driver’s license and started paying attention to what was actually going on around me instead of trying to find ways to torment … Continue reading How to avoid Road Rash


A tour of Olympic proportions

Life presented me with some unique opportunities recently. Two of my old college roommates and I visited a fourth roommate in Colorado Springs two weeks ago to celebrate his retirement from the Air Force.  My friend of 27 years has spent his career educating the Air Force Academy’s brightest young cadets on the physics of … Continue reading A tour of Olympic proportions

The Agnostic & the Atheist*

I am not a Democrat. No surprise there for those who know me. I am also not a Republican. Maybe a little surprise there. I have long defined myself as a conservative Independent when it comes to political ideology.  My thinking tends to be relatively closely aligned with my Republican friends, but I have a … Continue reading The Agnostic & the Atheist*

Rocky Economy = Rocky Top

As I was growing up, my parents chased the economy. In the city of my birth, Tampa, Florida, my Pop was one of the best crane operators in the business. He was a legacy, following in his father's footsteps. If you have ridden the monorail at Disney World, you have experienced some of his handi-work. … Continue reading Rocky Economy = Rocky Top

SuperDave, wise master of the Four Horsemen

One of my dearest friends on earth is a man named David Montgomery or, more affectionately, SuperDave. He received this title at UT when a group of five friends on our dormitory hallway decided we should all have nicknames.  Given that our group had two David's, one might have expected controversy over who would get … Continue reading SuperDave, wise master of the Four Horsemen

Keep your “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.” I’ll stick with “Hagler vs. Hearns.”*

Little boys learn which sport to love from their fathers.   For some, it’s baseball, others football or basketball - even hockey.  Although Pop liked all sports, he loved boxing. Like a loyal puppy trying to please a beloved owner, I followed his lead, trailing him all along the way until the love he had for … Continue reading Keep your “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.” I’ll stick with “Hagler vs. Hearns.”*

Gesundheit (an original short story)

A little something different here. I submitted this to a writing prompt on Reddit which challenged users to write something based on the following statement:  A virus has broken out. Whenever you sneeze, you lose an IQ point. Everyone has it. So here is my submission. Hope you like it as much as my wife … Continue reading Gesundheit (an original short story)