Fear of death shouldn’t paralyze your life*

On August 30th, 24 years ago, my father passed away at the same age I am now, 44.  I am frequently amazed at the size of the void his loss still maintains in my life. Throughout the years, as milestones passed, the sting of his absence grew.  A graduation here, a birth there - all … Continue reading Fear of death shouldn’t paralyze your life*

The Transplant

5/16/2015 - I wrote the column below which appeared in the September 24th edition of The Mountain Press to spread the word of Gary Grismore's need for a heart transplant. Today, I am thrilled to pass along the message of his wife, Beth, that Gary has a brand new beating heart in his chest this … Continue reading The Transplant

Hashbrowns & Jukeboxes*

With the weekend sleepover drawing to a close, I had my nine year old daughter, Lexi, helping her best friend pack up for the long trip home to Sevierville. Since I had been looking for an opportunity to tear into some hashbrowns, scattered, covered and smothered, I convinced my wife to join us so we … Continue reading Hashbrowns & Jukeboxes*

Peering Through the Windows of Autism

In order to get some understanding of my son, one must sneak up to the wall that is autism and peek through the windows.  I have had that privilege thousands and thousands of times.  Some of the windows are perfectly clear, revealing to an outsider the beauty that resides within, while others are opaque, offering … Continue reading Peering Through the Windows of Autism