The Special Olympian

I had always planned to have three children.  I was one of three and thought it pretty cool to have an older sister and a baby brother so it seemed natural to me to plan the same for my family.  We stuck to that strategy, and my first wife and I had three adorable children. … Continue reading The Special Olympian


The Graf Zeppelin

As far as parents go, I had a pretty good set.  Always the provider, Pop made certain we had what we needed so Mom could stay home and take care of us kids.  That had been the plan from day one for them.  My mom worked until she became pregnant with my older sister, then … Continue reading The Graf Zeppelin

Electronic Battleship – Some Assembly Required

Few phrases have stricken so much sorrow in the hearts of children on Christmas morning as those three evil words : “Some assembly required.”  For me, the agony of waiting for Pop to assemble that beloved Christmas gift felt like extended dental work without anesthesia. My introduction to the phrase cam in the form of … Continue reading Electronic Battleship – Some Assembly Required

15,000 Visitors!

Well, friends, it happened.  Another milestone for the meager blog of a mediocre writer trying to pretend he is otherwise.  I think I actually owe much of the recent success to Jacob's additions to the blog which have become unusually popular - especially during school hours and even more so when Jacob has his computer … Continue reading 15,000 Visitors!

The Spartans*

True to form, my old college roommate has always recruited me to participate in shenanigans that I would otherwise remain oblivious to. There's the helicopter ride, which stunk profusely because I'm afraid of heights.  Then the bungee jump, which also stunk because… uhm, I'm afraid of heights. After several years, I began to realize that … Continue reading The Spartans*

The camper

I am not exactly Grizzly Adams.  With my minimal camping expertise, even modest adversity makes things . . . well, challenging. We recently toured the “Domes and Dripstones” of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, a truly amazing place.  The beauty arising from our mountain heights is rivaled there by the silent depths of an expansive cave … Continue reading The camper