15,000 Visitors!

Well, friends, it happened.  Another milestone for the meager blog of a mediocre writer trying to pretend he is otherwise.  I think I actually owe much of the recent success to Jacob’s additions to the blog which have become unusually popular – especially during school hours and even more so when Jacob has his computer science class where they are free to browse the web after the assignment is completed.  There have been unusual spikes in traffic on his memoirs each day during that time.  Who I am to judge though.  The tales of Super Jacob are worthy of unusual spikes regardless of their questionable origins.

If you have read, shared or especially laughed at any of our stuff, from the bottom of my heart,  thank you!

We hope to finish 2017 strong.  I literally have about 6 more seasons of Super Jacob writings to scan and upload.  I know this because Jacob reminds me everyday that I haven’t uploaded it yet.

To you, I make the same promise I make to him.  I’ll get to it soon.

Until then, please browse some of our old stuff.  One of my personal favorites, The Graf Zeppelin* ,still has a lot of meaning to me and feels pretty appropriate as the holidays approach.

Thanks again for reading our stuff and we pray you and your family will have wonderful holidays and a blessed new year.


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